Why Should I Hire a Licensed Electrician?

“Look, my Uncle Stan knows a lot about electrical stuff. He even did the wiring in the addition he built on his house when he was just 21.”

Maybe this is you, justifying saving a few hundred dollars on a major house renovation by skipping a few crucial steps in the hiring and planning process.

Stan is great. He’s funny, and is really kind to Grandma Ruth at family gatherings. Besides, he’s been looking for extra work since his son went to college – those bills don’t pay themselves!

There might be a lot of reasons you WANT to hire your friend or relative for that electrical work, but there are some important reasons you should only hire a licensed electrician.

Photo by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu from Pexels

Licensed Electricians are professionally trained – sure, a person can learn a lot from their family members or from informal training and experience, but there are specific cases a person might not see unless they have formal electrician training. Every job is just a regular job, until something unusual shows up. A licensed electrician has been trained to address that unusual situation and can handle it. Someone else might make a disastrous mistake that costs money or damages property and risks lives.

Licensed Electricians are up to date – licensed electricians go through periodic updates and renewals of their licenses. This means that important technical updates are included in their training. Local zoning code changes can affect how a project is supposed to be done in your community

Licensed Electricians through Price Electric are insured – licensed electricians are far less likely to make a mistake or mishandle an unusual situation, sure, but that is not the only advantage to hiring someone with a license. If they DO make a mistake, their insurance can help cover you and your costs. That is, if you hire a professional, you only pay to do the job once.

Licensed Electricians have seen your old wiring – many old homes still have archaic and outdated wiring like that which exists in many homes from the early 1900s. They know which items are grandfathered in as still being safe, and which ones must be removed as part of your project.

Licensed Electricians know what your inspector will be looking for – at some point your work will need an inspection. Maybe it’s when you sell your house. Or, if you are doing a major addition, maybe it’s at the end of your construction. You want to be sure that the work stands up under inspection and doesn’t cost you more down the line or hold up the sale of your property.

There are lots of reasons to hire professional, licensed electricians like those at Price Electric.

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