We’re Growing and We Need More Certified Electricians

Are you a certified electrician looking for a new career? Consider joining us here at Price Electric!

We have been in business and working with the community for 30 years, providing quality liscenced electricians to those in need. You will work with our loyal, returning customers and have the chance to bring new customers to our business. We are supported by majority returning customers, a testament to the work we do. One of our main focuses is providing professional, quality care to each of our customers to ensure that we are the ones they want to call in the future. As The Better Business Bureau says, the best measure of satisfaction is a returning customer.

In terms of electrical services, we provide both residential services as well as commercial services. 

We all know everyone and their homes depend on electricity and we are looking for people who are ready to help bring that service to people and businesses. We want to make sure that people have the resources they need, and more importantly, installed in the correct way. Having certified and confident electricians is essential to ensuring satisfied customers, and we are sure to leave customers satisfied with long lasting products and responsive service. In homes, we check to confirm that rooms and buildings are wired safely and correctly, we upgrade rooms to match the owner’s lifestyle use, and more.

With businesses, we operate with the same professional nature. We do all types of work, including but not limited to installing wiring, transformers, voltage regulators, and security systems and motion sensors (see more on our website!). Like a home, all businesses runs on electricity and we want you to be our next most trusted electrician to get jobs done.

Especially after the COVID pandemic, we are looking for more professional, certified, and enthusiastic electricians to help get buildings powered back up and bring people the service they need. If you are ready for the job, please visit the link below and send in your application! All you need to attach is a resume and some basic personal information (name, email, phone number, address).

We look forward to seeing your application soon! Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Feel free to visit our Contact Us page if you want to send a message.

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