How to Install a Nest Learning Thermostat

As winter approaches, families look for ways to keep their homes warm while conserving energy and keeping energy prices low. One way many families are maximizing their heating dollars is by installing smart thermostats.

What makes these thermostats smart is that they are programmable, they can learn and be more efficient over time, and they can take temperature readings in multiple places.

But before you order a Nest or other learning thermostat, you must check whether your system will work with the Nest thermostat. Luckily Nest has an online compatibility checker. Once there you can also get a personalized wiring guide for installation.

Note: If your thermostat is built into the wall, connected to thick wires with wire nuts, or labeled 110, 120, or 240 volts, you have a high voltage system. This is not compatible with a Nest thermostat. If you connect your Nest thermostat to these high voltage wires you risk damaging the Nest and losing your investment.

Nest Installation Steps

Everything you need to install your Nest is in the box. This includes an installation guide, screwdriver, screws, and even a trim kit to cover any holes in the wall.

Installation is simple. You will remove your old thermostat, install the Nest base, connect a few wires. Finally you will attach the display.

Remove your old thermostat

Go to your home’s breaker box and turn off the switch that controls power to your heating and cooling system or turn off the main switch. This will protect your HVAC system during installation. Next, take off the front of your old thermostat and take a picture of the wires with your phone for reference later. Use the included labels to label each wire before disconnecting them. Once the wires are loose, remove the backplate making sure none of the wire labels fall off.

Install the Nest base

Place the Nest over the hole in the wall and gently pull the wires through the thermostat base. The Nest screws are self tapping and will go into drywall and other soft materials without drilling. Secure the top one first, then use the built in level to make sure the Nest base is straight.

Check the ends of your thermostat wires to make sure they are straight, then insert each wire that has a label into the matching connector. Hold down the connector button and push the wire all the way in making sure that the connector buttons stay down after you’ve inserted each wire.

Only put one wire into each connector. And don’t connect any wires to your Nest thermostat that weren’t connected to your old thermostat.

Confirm that your base is flush with the wall and secure the screws. This will help the nest display connect to the base.

Connect the Nest display

To connect the display, hold it so the Nest logo is at the top. Align it with the base, then push it onto the base until you hear it click. It’s that simple.

Now go back to the circuit breaker and turn the power back on. Your Nest thermostat should start up and guide you through setup which should only take a couple of minutes.

Call for help from Price Electric

Remember that your Price Electric professional electrician can handle this installation for you, putting your mind at ease, protecting your investment, and saving you money and time.

All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us.

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