Hire an Electrician to Help With Alternative Energy Sources Like Solar and Wind

This year, with the effects of carbon emissions clearer to see than ever before, many people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

We know it is currently almost impossible to have zero emissions, but being aware and reducing the amount of emissions directly attributable to you is becoming a simpler matter than ever.

One effect of this is that people are installing solar panels and wind turbines to produce energy cleanly. And they are installing other devices to save energy across their home or business.

All of these can happen today and add up to big changes. And all of these can happen with the help of a local electrician like the trusted experts at Price Electric.

Install solar panels – and collect a rebate!

One big step people can take that saves them money and reduces their carbon footprint is installing solar panels. by utilizing space that otherwise we don’t think about very often, and also providing a little attic or basement storage space for batteries, many families are moving to renewable energy.

An upside of this decision is that there are rebates available at the state and federal level that make it more affordable than ever. Additionally some states and communities allow a set up where surplus energy can be sold back into the grid. This means that in sunny periods, some people may find that they get money back from their electric company!

Install photovoltaics and motion detectors – and save money!

There are lots of ways to passively save energy in your house and on your property these days also.  Installing photovoltaics  on outside lights can make sure they come on when it’s dark and when they are needed. However, photovoltaics also take care of turning the lights off when the sun is doing the work, saving you money and saving you from having to think about one more minor task in your busy day.

Installing motion detectors and timers in key locations can also save you money as the act of turning on and turning off lights is automated. A simple installation by a professional electrician can save tens or hundreds of dollars over a year of usage. Lights turn on when you need them, and they turn off when you aren’t there.

Call Price Electric today and see how we can help save you money in the long run.

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