Improve Your Backyard by Adding Electricity

It’s an American passion. The backyard. It is here that we spend our spring, summer, and fall days, evenings, and nights.

You and your family work constantly to improve it, adding chairs, some landscaping, all to make it a spot where you can shake a rough day off your back.

But your backyard could go from a mere retreat to a full oasis by adding electricity.

Think of the possibilities. A professional electrician can run lines safely underground to achieve specific objectives for your backyard.

Add outdoor speakers to your backyard oasis

One way that homeowners get extra mileage from their backyard is by installing wireless speakers. Often disguised as rocks, these waterproof speakers can be powered by an outlet shielded from the elements.

Now, instead of carrying your trusty old boombox in and out of the house, you can just open your phone, link in via bluetooth, and listen to your favorite jams or podcasts in the yard as you weed, mow, or just lounge.

Or, if you want to set a mood, ambient sounds can make the yard feel like an escape from everyday life.

Add subtle lighting to keep your backyard open later

There are almost unlimited options for how you can light your backyard these days. Post toppers, dramatic spotlights on trees or the house, rope lights, and more.

While some people speak of the convenience of solar powered lights, solar power is not an option for a dedicated light you need for special occasions or parties that go long into the night – parties where you have remembered to invite your neighbors, of course.

Add a fountain to your backyard for soothing white noise

Many backyards have been transformed by adding a flower garden and path with plants of varying heights for dramatic effect.

But nothing is as delightful as a fountain and pond in one of these backyard gardens.

Moving water is an energy intensive task, and solar power simply is not (yet) up to the task. Installing a grounded pair of outlets with a protective shield allows you to to work one pump or even multiple pumps and filters, depending on the size of your backyard and your fountain needs.

Don’t leave yourself wanting more.

Each of these backyard outlets are also convenient places to plug in your lawnmower or hedge trimmer, meaning you have to spend less time fussing with an extension cord running out the back door of your house.

What do you have planned for your backyard this year? Would electricity help?

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