Will Cicadas Affect My Electricity?

The moment we have waited for is here. After 17 years of patiently drawing sap from the roots of our trees, brood X will emerge from the ground.

The cicadas are here.

And with them comes the worries about how they will affect our daily lives.

We know that cicadas make a buzzing, electrical sound with their wings as they try to entice a mate. And we know that they are attracted to buzzing electrical sounds like mowers and transformers across our neighborhood.

So should we worry about cicadas taking out our electricity?

Luckily, our electrical grid has all sorts of protective measures to keep nature from shutting down the power. But you can take some precautions so the cicadas don’t interfere with your spring and early summer fun.

Take these steps to reduce cicada nuisance this spring

The first rule of getting along with the cicadas is understanding them. They’re here, and they’re not going anywhere until they’ve done what they came to do! They don’t bite or sting, but they’re clumsy, and loud. Appreciate them, and don’t be afraid.

The second rule is to identify things in your yard or the exterior of your house that draw them in. A buzzing electric panel or droning light is not just a nuisance because it brings the cicadas calling – it also could be a place where you are leaking electricity. Call in an electrical specialist to eliminate those sounds and make your electrical system more efficient.

Third, work to keep your house free from these pests. While you should NEVER mess with the wires around your house, you need to work to keep other surfaces free from cicada carcasses. If you see an accumulation of cicada shells near a wire and you have concerns, call a certified electrician.

Finally, don’t panic! Most of the injuries and damage sustained during cicada season is caused by people reacting irrationally to a cicada landing in their drink or flying into their hair. When you are poolside or on a ladder, expect a cicada to come close by so you do not panic and make a painful mistake.

By following a few reasonable rules of thumb, and involving a professional electrician in all of your plans around the wiring and lighting outside your home, you can tell your future generations about how you survived Brood X 2021!