Why Your Company Needs a Backup Generator

The US electric grid was the first, biggest, and most stable service of its kind. Today, while not the best in the world, it still provides first-world predictable electrical service across the nation and to your business. Recent advancements have made it more likely than ever that your electricity will be one almost all the time.


That is the word that stands out. You can count on the electricity in your business until you can’t. And in those few moments, unpredictable things can happen to your company.

The concern used to be simply products. Grocers lost perishables when the power went out. Pet stores lost fish that needed temperature control. Lots of inventory paid the price with each outage.

But now much more is at stake.

Every business is dependent on electricity

Today, though, every business is wired to the grid and to the internet. Where your old cash register could still open and close manually, today’s machines depend on their chips and attached card readers. Data is sent over the internet to receive payment, track inventory, and manage dozens of small invisible tasks.

These days, much of our work is done on computers, and can be lost if the power suddenly goes out. In this information age, our ads can be lost, and important data can go with it. Our camera and lock systems are often partially or fully automated, and dependent on electricity. Depending on their design, some doors can pop open or refuse to open without electricity, leaving you insecure in your possessions and your safety.

Worse, when the power does go out, it might not just be for a few minutes.

This winter, Texas experienced a sudden winter storm, and tens of thousands of Texans found themselves out of power for days. Many people died as their life-sustaining equipment powered down without a backup. These people couldn’t anticipate that the power would be out for so long. Is your company ready for that sort of instance? Could your business survive, or would you need to rebuild a portion of it, and recover damages through an insurance claim? Would you get it all back? Would your rates go up?

 Businesses that were prepared were able to maintain their inventory, and protect their employees.

Talk to an electrician today and see what kind of generator might work to keep your business safe in the worst-case scenario.

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