Upgrade Your Laundry Room Today With These Electrical Ideas

No one likes to hang out in their laundry room. Even on its quietest of days, it is a space that speaks to work and not relaxation. But what if you could make it a bit lighter, brighter, and even more productive? What if you could create a space to do more than just laundry?

Here are three electrical ideas to help turn this space into so much more than merely a laundry room.

Under-cabinet lighting

One suggestion for getting the most out of your laundry room is to get light into new places. Nothing makes a space feel brighter, cleaner, and more welcoming than adequate lighting.

Your cabinets, however, often cast shadows in the spaces you need to see the most – the back corners of your countertops.

Installing one of a variety of under-cabinet lights can help.

String lights provide a bright, even lighting across the entire surface. Spot lights can add a dramatic flair to the space, perfect for display but less useful for hobbies.

Visit a local cabinetry store for ideas.

Motion detector light

When you walk in to your laundry room, frequently you have your arms full. Whether it’s a laundry basket (or three) or the sleeping bags from the weekend campout, you don’t have a hand free to turn on the light.

Why should you have to?

The laundry room is a perfect place for a motion detector attached to your light. If you are in the room, you will be moving, and if you’re leaving the room, why shouldn’t it help by turning out the lights for you?

And most motion detector lights have an adjustable timer switch so you can be sure you are saving energy too.

Extra outlets

We’ve all had the experience of working on a project on the laundry room counter and needing one more outlet. Or, just as likely, thinking about doing a project there and realizing you don’t have the electricity you need to do the job well.

Why not install an outlet where you need it the most. And, since it is a laundry room and water is naturally part of the equation, be sure to get one with a built-in ground fault interruption circuit, so an accident won’t turn into a tragedy.

If you’re an experienced handy homeowner, these are fixes you can attempt yourself. If not, the friendly experts at Price Electric can help you build a more functional and inviting laundry room. Call us today!

Photo by PNW Production

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