You depend on electricity. It lights your nights, heats or cools your space, keeps your food fresh, and allows you to connect to the world.

Any interruption to your electrical service, or a lack of access to electricity in any part of your home, is a crisis that hurts your quality of life.

Want to plug in, but can’t? Does your old home not have enough outlets? Are your outlets in hard-to-reach places like under furniture, or only on interior walls?

Do you find yourself needing more and more USB charging cords and plugs?  Did you know that USB outlets can be installed by a professional electrician to make charging all of your devices simpler and less cluttered?

Homes built just two decades ago are already out of date – built before our need for charging multiple devices or even before USB was a common charging method.

There are lots of ways to make your kitchen, living room, or other location match your current lifestyle and electrical use.

You need to make sure that your home is wired correctly by a trained professional. Call today to schedule a time with one of our trained electricians to talk about the possibilities in your living space.

Having enough electricity, safely installed in the right places, starts with a call to Price Electric.

For the last 30 years, Price Electric has been providing expert residential electrical services to homes all over the area.

We have dedicated ourselves to being the most professional expert option for your residential electrical needs. We do this by constantly training our electricians to add more skills to better serve our clientele. With certified electricians trained in the latest tools, building codes, and materials, we can produce results that might make your life a little bit easier every day for years to come.

Our professional electricians respect and value your time. We know that part of providing a great product is arriving on time and delivering accurate installation estimates. Our reliable service produces reliable results.

Call us to address any of these quality-of-life issues:

  • Outlets without grounding wires?
  • Outlets or switches not working?
  • Outlets or switches too hard to reach?
  • Inadequate shelf or closet lighting?
  • Washer / dryer outlets need moved or installed?
  • Multiple repairs resulted in misaligned switches or outlets?
  • Adding a new room to your house?
  • Ungrounded electrical power in your garage?
  • Need to add exterior lights, cameras, or other safety equipment?
  • Want to make an outlet USB-compatible?

Whenever you need help with anything related to your home’s electrical services, give Price Electric a call at (513) 423-5936 and we’ll be happy to assist you.