Price Electric Can Handle Your Commercial Electrical Project

Price Electric has spent the better part of three decades building a stellar reputation as a reliable, friendly, and experienced residential electrical company.

This reputation has earned us excellent reviews and hundreds of customers who recommend us to friends and family, and call us back when they need more work completed.

However, we are also an experienced and professional commercial electrical company. We have completed commercial projects small and large, and we bring decades of experience working with contractors on building, renovation, and reconstruction projects all over southwest Ohio.

Price Electric handles a wide range of commercial projects

Call us for your commercial needs, including:

New construction or new machinery. We can help ensure that your project is up to code, and we can troubleshoot potential problems with future usage and growth as demands for connectivity increase.

GFCA and AFCI circuit breakers and wiring. Price Electric can make sure that every outlet and every user is protected. And we can point out problem areas in advance.

Transformers, voltage regulators, and UPS systems. No matter how much power you need to direct to your building or campus, Price Electric installs the system you need to insure reliable service for years to come. Ask about uninterruptible power supplies for the highest demands your company puts on its servers for local, national, or international work.

Security systems and motion sensors. You can rest easy knowing that our experienced and trained technicians installed systems that keep your possessions, people, and servers safe against any number of potential threats.

Telecommunications testing. Make sure your telecom system meets the rigorous standards for your industry, including reliability and secrecy checks.

Light poles, HID lighting, Photocells and light timers. Our state-of-the-art solutions offer your building or campus a wide array of lighting options. Whether you need always-on, light-sensing, or event-specific lighting, Price Electric can help you select the best options for your needs, and install them to ensure flawless execution of your lighting plan.

Emergency backup and exit signage. We can help select and install premium backup and exit signage to make sure your customers, clients, and staff are safe even in an emergency situation. Strict codes govern the implementation of a safety lighting plan in public and working spaces. Let us make sure you follow them.

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

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