Pick a Trusted Name for Your Industrial Electric Needs

When it is time to expand your business with a new retail location or new storage facility, it is important to get the details right.

You will want to choose a trusted and reliable partner for your electrical work. You want someone who has done the work for decades, someone whose trained staff is backed not just with the appropriate licenses and training, but with a history of connection to the community.

Your general contractor and electrician should be able to provide years of commendations and social proof of work well done. This should be apparent in their BBB rating and in the testimonials from the people who live and work in the community.

Why connection matters

Some contractors do everything based on the bottom line. They hire the least expensive subcontractors. They hire the least expensive day labor. They use the cheapest materials.

It makes sense, in a way, because after all, some contractors are in the business to make money.

But at Price Electric we believe connection matters. Not just your electrical connections, but your connections to the community. We work and live in the community, send our kids to school here, and shop here.

So when we do a project in the greater Cincinnati or greater Dayton area, we are not just making money, we are making our reputation.

We don’t always default to the least expensive wiring, or the cheapest fixtures. Instead, we focus on delivering a quality project that does what it is asked to do, and with quality.

Today we drive past the work we did in the community ten years ago, and twenty years from now we will be driving past the work we are doing today. We want to say with pride that we did that. Not that we merely made money from what was once here.

Connection matters.

At Price Electric, we have a track record of working and living in the community. We seek every day to capitalize on that reputation and make it stronger by delivering quality work in a friendly, reliable – and affordable – way.

When you hire an electrician with a solid reputation, you know they understand the importance of doing a great job the first time. And you know they are committed to getting the job done right.

Call Price Electric for your new construction or renovation electrical needs today.

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