Outdoor Lighting Options to Make Summer More Fun

This summer, resolve to get outside more and enjoy the evenings and nights with friends and families. One way to make this easier is to take advantage of the many inexpensive and easy-to-install outdoor lighting options available these days.

Hanging bulbs

Hardy strings of restaurant-quality lighting are available at hardware stores and online. They can help turn a section of your backyard into an inviting and well-lit gathering spot.

Place them over a table and away from the fire for a sure-fire must-see space in your yard. They require support in just a few spots along the string, with nails through convention existing brackets or using wires. Have a lot of trees? Just wrap these wires around the branches for an easy installation.

Often used inside and out, chain lights remain a popular accent lighting option. Using a regular outlet, these chains don’t give off enough light to read by, but help define a space. They look best on a wall or divider to help define a common evening gathering space.

Many newer models come with a dial to adjust the color as well, so the mood can be whatever you want. Choose from festive bright white to a moodier blue or red, depending on the moment.

Solar accent lights – sidewalk

Available almost everywhere now, including dollar stores and hardware stores, solar accent lights are easy to purchase and install. Better yet, they require no wires or extension cords.

Just set them in the ground along a sidewalk in the full sun. That night they will illuminate the path for hours. And for free!

Periodically you will have to reset them, because in many places freezing, thawing, rain and wind will cause them to shift or tilt.

Solar Accent lights – fence / landscape

Another popular lighting option is the solar fence-top accent light. Designed to be affixed to the squared off posts that brace most fences, these lights are perfect for spots that get full sun all day.

Then when the sun sets, they can provide hours of festive decorative light.

In all of these cases, having the right electricity options available outside is important. If your outdoor spot will be exposed to rain and wind, or if it does not yet have available electricity, call Price Electric for information about how to get an attractive and safe outlet installed before summer starts.

Photo by Ines Sayadi on Unsplash

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