My Lights are Flickering, What Does That Mean?

You’re sitting home in the evening. Maybe you are reading a book or watching TV. Suddenly, without explanation, your lights flicker. And then it happens again.

What could it be? Should you be worried? Is it something you can fix?

Flickering lights are never a good thing. There are only a few causes and a few straightforward solutions. But this is not something that should be tolerated, because it could point to a serious electrical issue that poses a risk of fire and the destruction of your house.

Here is a short list of possible causes and fixes for flickering lights at your house.

Loose or bad bulb

The simplest most common possibility is also the easiest to fix. Sometimes when you think all of your lights have flickered, it’s really just one of them.

You can check and fix this at the same time. Simply hand-tighten each of the bulbs in their socket. Bulbs that are nearing the end of their natural life sometimes flicker as evidence that their components are wearing out. When you identify the bad bulb, replace it.

This is probably The only solution the average homeowner can do themselves.

Faulty wiring in the switch or lamp

After you’ve checked that the fault is not in the bulb, the next most likely solution is that there is some fault in the wiring of the light switch or the lamp.

Some homeowners might feel comfortable taking this task on. It requires turning off the electricity, or unplugging the light, and using a voltmeter to see if there is a continuous circuit. A visual check could reveal a frayed wire, or a wire that is not well connected. Simply replace, splice, or tighten the connection and put the lamp or switch back together, and plug it in or turn the electric back on. If that doesn’t solve the problem it may be time to call an electrician.

Fluctuating voltage, overload, or connection issue

Once you’ve ruled out the easy problems, if your lights are still flickering you have a problem that requires an electrician.

Some Of these problems include but are not limited to fluctuating voltage coming from your circuit box, an overload of electricity coming through a single circuit, or a connection issue either inside your house or between your house and the power lines at the street.

Only the most advanced home repair person should take on these challenges themselves.