Install Under Cabinet Lighting

Are you getting tired of your current kitchen lighting? Are you looking for something more modern to keep your house looking fresh for guests? Are you wanting a more cost and energy efficient light source? 

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, it might be time to consider installing under cabinet lighting.

If you have never heard of under cabinet lighting, the description is in the name itself. Instead of relying on overhead ceiling lights your kitchen lighting is installed on the underside of your cabinets, shedding direct light onto your counters.

Why else might you want to install this type of kitchen lighting? If light from your ceiling does not fully reach all of the countertops in your kitchen, this is a great solution. With under cabinet lighting, you also do not have to worry about ceiling lights causing shadows and obstructing your view of food preparation or recipes. Under cabinet lights can also add an aesthetic value to the space, giving the space more depth and visual appeal.

There are three primary forms of under cabinet lighting available, though of course the options are not limited to just these! You can find these types of lights at your local hardware store, any bigger chain hardware store, or online.

The first is called a light bar. This form of light takes the form of a larger, often rectangular, light bar to illuminate larger countertops and spaces. The second is called a puck light. Puck lights come in a small round disc, primarily for concentrated light or use in a smaller area. Puck lights can also be used for a less direct, softer lighting. The third main form are tape lights, or rope lights. Tape lights are most popular if you want a more discrete and concealed light source. Tape lights, coming most commonly with an adhesive backing, are the easiest to install. You can find these forms of lighting with plug-in features or as a battery powered unit.

Make sure to look at your available cabinets and take down the necessary measurements before buying your under cabinet lights. If you are wanting to install these lights farther away from an outlet, consider finding a battery powered option to keep your lights fully tucked away.

Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

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