How Do I Get Electricity to My New Shed

So you purchased or built a new exterior shed. You’ve filled it with your tools or materials for your hobby, but now it is not as bright inside as it looked on the showroom floor, or in the driveway of the hardware store.

You realize that you will need to add electricity. Sure, you could run an extension cord out the back door, but that is a temporary solution, not a permanent one. And it’s not very safe. Exposing the cord to the edges of the door could cause it to fray, and exposing it to the weather and foot traffic could create additional problems or even injuries.

This is work that an electrician will do for you. The average home owner doesn’t have the skills to safely complete this work.

Here are the steps involved:

First your electrician will identify where you need the light or lights in the shed, and ask about additional electricity needs. Is this a good place for an exterior plug for electric mowers and trimmers?  Will you need a heater in your Shack or She Shed? They will ask questions and gather the appropriate materials.

Then your electrician will determine the best way to connect a line between your shed and the house. Is it possible to run it underground, or will it need to go overhead? What is the proper way to attach it to your house and shed? Will this require drilling through your foundation and then weatherproofing the access hole?

Next, your electrician will examine your circuit breaker and determine if it can handle the additional load. They will then identify the correct circuits and put in the correct breakers to meet your needs and keep your space safe.

Finally they will buy all of the materials – wires, circuits, switches, outlets, and more. With these in hand, they will quickly connect your shed to your electric grid.

With the help of your Price Electric team, you will be crafting in your shed in no time, or finding that hand trowel with ease even after it dropped behind the shovels.

Call Price Electric today and let our friendly staff help you solve your electrical problems instead of continuing to worry about them.

Power up your She Shed. Photo by Danielle Rice on Unsplash

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