Good Ways to Go Wireless in Your Home

An amazing array of advances have been made in the world of wireless technology over the past decade. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other similar technologies have freed us – or more accurately our devices – from the cords that used to tether us to specific places and limit our mobility.

Here are some ways that you can go wireless today that you couldn’t before – and how you might stretch it across your entire property.


The days of dial-up are long gone, but it still took some time before our homes could go entirely  wireless. Those days are here now, and Wi-Fi and boosters can allow you to have internet almost anywhere on your property – and beyond.

Extend it: add a signal booster to make sure you have a strong signal in the back of your property to stream a video on the side of a garage or a screen you set up in the yard.


With the existence of Google Home, Roku, Firestick, and other devices that plug directly into your tv, you can now stream almost any company’s video offerings from your home system without a wire. Control these devices from your computer or phone to give the whole range of video options available at your favorite viewing spot in the house: your sofa.

Extend it: add an HDMI cord to your system to allow one remote to control playback for all your streaming devices, control the volume, and more …


Gone are the days of the Walkman, even as it has reappeared in Stranger Things. Your phone can now broadcast wirelessly to your buds, pods, or other wireless in-ear devices. Or for the full experience around your home, a wide range of speakers are available too. From Google Home, to Amazon’s Alexa, to other proprietary smart speakers, you have the world at your voice command.

Or if you want a dedicated audio experience, you can get Sonos or other speakers to deliver high quality, roving, remote controlled music throughout your house at levels that can shake the window panes (if that’s your thing.)

Extend it: installing weatherproof wireless speakers outside allows you to take the party wherever you are.

Climate control

Nest, Home and countless home environment controllers are now available. Every company that makes air conditioners or furnaces offers their own wireless controllers for your environmental comfort. Now you can control temperature and every aspect of your home environment from your phone or laptop.

Extend it: use the programmable feature to save money and energy, or let the device track your motion and learn your habits to offer you comfort that you can afford.

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