Sure. Building codes and inspections are concerned with HOW WELL the work is done, not with WHO does the work. Many simple electric projects are safely and effectively completed by homeowners.

The choice to hire qualified and certified experts like Price Electric to do the work becomes a matter of your own interest, time, budget, and the complexity of the project. Most homeowners can change a lightbulb themselves. Few can install a GFCI outlet. And almost no homeowner should attempt to install new outlets or wiring from their electric panel to a room in the house.

Few homeowners have any interest in filing the necessary paperwork for certain moderate to extensive installation efforts like adding a room. In fact, in many cases the most talented do-it-yourselfers hire professional certified electricians to do the wiring and circuit work.

Consider your own skills relative to the project to make the best decision for your project, your safety, and the safety of those who live or work in the space.

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is an outlet that protects against electric shock from contact with water. When the interrupter senses when power is going where it shouldn’t it shuts off. Most building codes require that they be used in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and in many outdoor areas.

Many people install these and fail to test them. However, GFCI should be tested periodically to ensure they are in working condition. Testing is simple: press the test button on the outlet. Then check by plugging in a simple electrical device to make sure the electricity turned off. Then press the reset button and make sure the electricity is flowing again. If either button fails to do what it is supposed to do, you should immediately call Price Electric (Cincinnati: 513-874-9300; Dayton: 937-790-1650) to replace the device.

A surge protector is a breaker designed to shut off electricity to an important device if there is a surge caused by lightning or any other cause. You should always have one for important electronic devices such as desktop computers and entertainment systems.

Whole-home surge protectors do the same thing automatically from within your electric system. This means everything is protected in your home from threats inside and outside, and you don’t have to buy and use bulky cords or surge protectors at each outlet. Many homeowners find this sense of security and ease of use a worthwhile investment. Some homeowner policies offer reduced prices for homes with this feature, or may even offer incentives to install them.

The electric panel (or “fuse box”) in your house is where your electric is directed to every place in your house. It holds a series of “breakers” that can be used to turn electricity on and off to specific parts of the building. Over time, older electric panels and breakers become unable to handle the amount of electricity or hold the number of circuits required to keep your home or business up to code, and they periodically need to be updated or replaced.

Costs for replacement panels vary greatly depending on age, size of the facility, the amount of electricity they handle, and the number and type breakers needed.

Call us Cincinnati: 513-874-9300; Dayton: 937-790-1650 for a free estimate for your specific project.

While many building codes don’t require owners to replace functional residential electric wiring, we recommend replacing all knob and tube wiring. This can be done as part of a different specific upgrade, or as a standalone whole-house replacement.

When we do insured repairs and replacements, Price Electric works directly with your insurer, saving you time and hassle. Note that not every repair or service is covered by insurance. Use our free inspection to get a full estimate for the work you need.

Price Electric offers free estimates for your project of whatever size. Call us today Cincinnati: 513-874-9300; Dayton: 937-790-1650 to schedule your appointment.

Price Electric’s certified electricians and work are fully insured for installation, repair, and replacement.

Price Electric has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Note that a BBB rating of A+ means that even in the rare case where a customer has a complaint or concern, that we quickly work to resolve it

We are committed to promptly responding to calls within one business day and setting up appointments promptly. However, depending on location and the level of business, it may take up to a week to have the inspector come to your site and fully and safely evaluate the work.

Home inspection costs, like all of our services, vary due to different factors. We offer free estimates in order to make sure you get an accurate, detailed, and guaranteed price for your requested service.

We are open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for emergencies. If this is not an emergency, you can still call any time to set up an appointment during normal business hours.

We have offices in Dayton and Cincinnati, but our technicians often work from separate locations, and are able to respond quickly to emergencies and to set up appointments at a time convenient to you.

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