Electrical Needs for Your Home Office

As American fiscal policies have encouraged more and more people to start their own businesses, the home office became a more and more common sight. And then COVID hit, sending millions of white collar workers to the safety of their own home.

Home offices flourished, and people began asking questions about the best way to handle this new must-have room in their house.

Here are a couple of common questions about setting up your own home office.

What machines do I need, and which can I do without?

At work you likely had access to several electrical machines, plugged into a wall socket, that made your day easier. Which of these did you bring home, and which ones will you need to perform your duties well? Consider these options.

Desktop vs laptop computer – many people find laptop computers to be a better home choice, because it allows flexibility, and takes up less space. Additionally, you can charge it in multiple places around the house. Finally, it requires one plug, not two, since the screen and computer are on the same circuit. It does not tie up two outlets. Ditch the desktop.

Extra monitors – do you need to watch several things at once? Do you need a finger on the pulse to do your work effectively? Then bring home those monitors, and give them the wall outlet they richly deserve.

Printer – having a printer at home seems to have gone from a luxury to a necessity, and prices have dropped. This is a good use of an outlet, and a must-have for people whose job includes keeping permanent paper records.

Sorter / collator – quite a few jobs require periodic access to a sorter or collator. However, these paper dependent jobs are generally being brought back into the office, at least on a part-time basis. There is no need to tie up an outlet at home with a machine that is expensive and noisy and that you don’t use everyday. Keep it where your co-workers can use it too: at work.

Electric three-hole punch – don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. While not a necessity, it does make life a little better. Plug that time-saver in and let it stand ready for use!