Your business runs on electricity. It is crucial that you have a fully functional electrical system to manage the demands of your industry.

Having a team of certified electricians on call should be part of your business plan.

Price Electric is the team you need. Our experienced electricians have installed, rebuilt, upgraded, and modernized retail, manufacturing and other businesses of all sizes and types.

Do you know if your current site meets NEC (National Electric Code) and local building codes? Are you looking at expanding and need an inspection to be sure you’re making a solid investment?

Wondering if the site you closed for COVID is ready to power back up?

Our professional electricians can give you the peace of mind you need.

Call us for your commercial needs, including:

  • New construction or new machinery,
  • GFCA and AFCI circuit breakers,
  • Wiring,
  • Transformers,
  • Voltage regulators,
  • Security systems and motion sensors,
  • Telecommunications testing,
  • UPS systems,
  • Light poles,
  • HID lighting,
  • Photocells and light timers,
  • Emergency backup and exit signage,
  • Not on this list? We probably do it anyway!


Price Electric’s professional and responsive electricians help keep your business running and growing smoothly.