3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Electrician

There are many reasons to hire a professional electrician instead of doing the job yourself. We have gathered together the six strongest, most compelling arguments in the list below.

Training and expertise

Being an electrician is not just a decision you make one day, and an honorary title you give to yourself. Electricians are required to get at least minimal training to be licensed to do specific work. Veteran electricians have multiple different endorsements, membership in at least one professional organization, and vast individual experience alone and with tutors, teachers and mentors.

This means that whatever issues arise, they have been trained to handle them. More importantly, they have experience handling them in the real world.

Passing Inspections

Whenever you are doing major electrical work on your house, you will need to pass an inspection. This is to ensure that the job was done according to code. The code is a set of regulations established for your community that also meets national standards for safety and quality. This is to ensure that the work won’t later cause a fire, or simply stop working, or cause problems further down the electrical wire. Having a licensed electrician doing this work means that their reputation and license – and not your house – is on the line if any mistakes are discovered.


“Wait,” you say. “Like a lot of other things, isn’t it cheaper if I do the work myself? Or maybe have Uncle Tim take a look at it?”

In the short term, yes, absolutely. Uncle Tim will charge you a lot less than a professional electrician. It will seem great. After all, he helped that guy wire his house that one time. And besides this job seems easy.

Well, that’s affordable, but will it allow you to pass an inspection? And do you trust your home’s electrical system, including its capacity to catch fire or to fail to protect your computer or other important electrical and electronic devices?

In the end, will it cost more to repair the work Uncle Tim does – or the work you do?

And ultimately, don’t you probably have something better to do with your time than become a weekend electrician?

Getting the job done correctly the first time, by someone who can see how the work affects the whole system of your house, will SAVE you money. 


Photo by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu: https://www.pexels.com/photo/an-electrician-repairing-a-fuse-box-8005368/