Why Switch to LED Lights?

The hype! The hysteria!

Can we save the earth? Not by ourselves, of course. But can we have great lighting with flexible options that is also cheaper and uses less electricity.

That’s what an LED light offers you.

Yes, they are more expensive up front, but LED lights are an advancement over old incandescent bulbs in several important ways.

LED lights sip electricity

Under normal circumstances, in a house that has (on average) more than 30 light bulbs, the electric savings add up.

Because an LED light bulb uses so much less electricity, you can save more than $100 annually in your electric bill. This means that LED bulbs recover their entire cost in a matter of months, depending on how much you use the bulb.

LED lights come in 3-way and dimmable

Also, just like their incandescent predecessors, LED lights can be put to use in a variety of different lamps and situations.

Does your reading lamp have a 3-way variable switch for mood lighting, reading, and for puzzle or craft work? There’s an LED bulb for that.

Does your rec room have dimmable switches? There’s an LED bulb for that.

LED lights come in colors

Perhaps the most interesting difference between LED lights and incandescent bulbs is the wide range of colors available in LED lights.

And not that you can buy LED lights in different colors – you could do that with incandescent bulbs as well. However, in this ,case, LED lights can change to offer the colors you didn;t know you needed.

“Tunable” LED lights allow you to choose the amount of light from various parts of the visible spectrum in your bulb. With a simple interface on your phone or a dial, you can change the entire feel or mood of a room. These features cost 2-3 times as much as a simple LED bulb, but they offer the same consistency with additional features, meaning you still recover your costs over time if you upgrade from classic light bulbs.

Never before has light bulb technology offered so much to the consumer, and ultimately saved them money and reduced electricity use at the same time.

It is time to make the switch to LED lighting in your home!

LED light. Screen capture.

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