Company Overview

Harvey Price started his electrical contracting business in 1950. Working out of his home, with one truck and a lot of ambition, he set the tone for the company which was to grow into today's Price Electric. In 1982, Tracy Price took the reigns of the family business which has evolved  into a major supplier for contracts throughout southwestern Ohio. With an established reputation for quality and reliability, we know Harvey would be proud  

Price Electric's success formula involves a dedication to quality work, produced to specification, on schedule and within budget. In addition to assembling talented and reliable associates who share these beliefs and commitments, Price demands and expects professional performance from the suppliers and craftsmen with which it contracts.

Price Electric's Industrial-Commercial Division prides itself on customer satisfaction and repeat business. The tough projects that require a high degree of skill and technical knowledge are the challenges we constantly seek. Committed to maintaining our high standards and building a larger base of repeat customers,  we look forward to the opportunity of making you our newest client!.